Pakistan Bulletin

June 2024

Editorial: Pakistans’s Annual Budget and the Role of IMF

Pakistan's annual budget being prepared in collaboration with the IMF highlights the country’s economic vulnerability.

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Amid Despair and Hope

Pakistan Bulletin An up-to-date and informed analyses of key issues of Pakistan. Amid Despair and Hope June 2024 As...

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How will the Federal Budget Tackle the “Bleeding” Energy Sector?

The federal budget for 2023-24 aims to neutralize the effects of Pakistan’s energy sector’s drain on the economy.

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Strategic Fiscal Response to Climate Change Challenges

Pakistan's fiscal strategy for the year has shifted in response to climate change, focusing on significant budget allocations and...

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Budget Allocation and Expenditure: Sindh Government’s Performance in Dealing with Climate Change

With temperatures reaching all-time highs in Pakistan’s Sindh province, how Sindh allocates its budget towards climate change is of...

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Budgetary Allocations and Human Rights Institutions

Budgetary allocations for human rights are essential as the independence and effectiveness of HRIs are closely tied to their...

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