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The Knowledge Forum is an independent firm that seeks to produce knowledge-based interventions to assist in efforts and advocacy for communities’ rights. The initiative is driven by the view that knowledge empowers the root and direction of actions aimed at advancing rights and social justice processes.
TKF offers expertise in all areas of human rights and development. The knowledge generation is driven by the community agenda, prioritizing the inclusion of their voice and participation. Through high quality research and discourse curation, TKF aims to assist in the creation of a more informed perspective on complex themes that have a bearing on the communities’ access to rights and participation in political, democratic and development processes.

As a part of its agenda to produce knowledge-based resources to assist in interventions and advocacy for communities’ rights, The Knowledge Forum pursues two-pronged strategy. The Forum generates knowledge resources on rights and development centric concerns and challenges to communities, drawing from community engagement and input; it then uses this knowledge to assist stakeholders in the process for solution identification and development.

We therefore propose research, engagement and advocacy as strategies for the proposed intervention. A series of accessible knowledge resources representing communities’ concerns and experts’ input would help in understanding the crisis and generating informed debate and decision making. This knowledge would be strategically shared with stakeholders advocating for action. Moreover, evidence-based advocacy to utilize the influence of social media and mainstream media for public outreach and messaging for policy makers will supplement efforts for broadening understanding and scope for action.


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