Pakistan Bulletin

April 2024

Editorial: The more things change…

Pakistan’s public’s faith in political process is the most important anchor that has sailed democracy in the country despite...

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The Future of Trade Unions in Pakistan: Challenges and Prospects

There are significant barriers to the formation of trade unions in Pakistan.

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Inflation, Growth, and Poverty

With extraction of resources by the powerful groups embedded in Pakistan’s history, and little political willingness towards structural reforms,...

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Reimagining Art in Pakistan: A Mode of Representation and Resistance

As the art scene in Pakistan continues to evolve, a number of spaces are emerging in Pakistan that reject...

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Peace in India and Pakistan: Amidst hope and dismay

For decades, India and Pakistan have had strained relations due to the Kashmir conflict and regional power rivalry. The...

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The Gendered Impact of Coal Mining in Thar: A Socio-Environmental Perspective

The progress of coal mining projects in Thar showcases a contradictory story of economic development, as it has been...

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