Pakistan Bulletin

January 2024


Pakistan's economic crisis will have to be navigated by upcoming governance as the country approaches a pivotal moment in...

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Economic Agenda of the New Government

What ought to be on the agenda of the new government when it assumes charge?

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Pakistan’s 4th UPR: Labour Issues & Implementation of Recommendations

On the first anniversary of Pakistan’s fourth review, this article quickly enumerates the 2023 UPR’s labour-related recommendation and the...

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Pakistan’s Youth Voter Absenteeism Crisis

Youth in Pakistan between the ages of 18 and 35 are a demographic that has historically under-participated in elections,...

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Green Promises: Climate Change and Manifestos of Pakistan’s Political Parties

Pakistan Bulletin An up-to-date and informed analyses of key issues of Pakistan. Green Promises: Climate Change and Manifestos of...

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