Pakistan Bulletin

February 2024


The February 8 elections have sprung surprising results. However, regardless of which party forms the government, dealing with economic...

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Redefining Perspectives on State-Owned Enterprises of Pakistan

The article explores the debate surrounding the privatization of underperforming State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Pakistan, considering the financial losses,...

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Navigating Uncertainty: Pakistan’s Post-Election Landscape and the Path Forward

Exploring the multifaceted challenges and opportunities emerging in Pakistan's political landscape following the February 8 general elections

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Charting Progress: Roadmap for Human Rights Institutions in Pakistan Post-February 2024 Elections

There is an urgent need for comprehensive reforms to empower HRIs to effectively safeguard human rights in the country.

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Coal, Climate Capitalism, and Community: Exploring the Impacts of Resource Extraction in Pakistan’s Thar Desert

The article explores the dual impacts of coal extraction in regions like Thar, highlighting the immediate and long-term consequences...

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