Religious leaders of different faiths on December 30, 2021, underlined the need for promoting interfaith harmony in the society. They were speaking at a function to celebrate Christmas at Holy Trinity Cathedral Church Saddar Karachi. The Knowledge Forum organised the event for promoting interfaith harmony.

Bishop Fredrick of the Holy Trinity Church welcomed the leaders of other religions and said the Holy Christ had stated: “My home will be home of all community people.” He said the unity in diversity was the spirit of interfaith harmony. “This Church has promoted the message of Christ he added. Peace and security are to accept each other. “We can be different but not separate.”

Naveed Anthony, MPA from the PPP said the Sindh government has created an Interfaith Harmony Department in Sindh since 2016 and he was made the first head as Special Assistant to CM. “I tried to work for religious harmony,” he remarked.

He said people from religious minorities have to promote interfaith harmony because they are vulnerable. If everyone plays his/her role for peace there would be no problem in the society.

Allama Sadiq Taqvi, a Shia Aalim said that in the past many Muslim scholars had gathered at this church in Karachi when a Church was attacked in Peshawar. He said there are rights of minorities in Islam. “We have to spread the message of love.”

Prof. Shahzad Channa of International Islamic University Islamabad’s Regional Dawah Centre Karachi said we have to open our hearts to other religions for religious harmony.
Maharaja Vijay Swami, a Hindu pundit of Daryalal temple in Keamari said it is a good omen that interfaith harmony is increasing in the country and the Muslim majority people are also joining.

Secretary, Human Rights Department, Government of Sindh Mr. Sibghatullah Mahar said Hazrat Issah (Aleh Salam), like other prophets, had given the message of love and he showed the way how to find God.  He said the teachings of all religions are the same as such teachings are actually from Almighty God. 

The government of Sindh is working to provide every citizen with equal rights, he said adding that the government is providing opportunities to all citizens without any discrimination.

He congratulated the Christian brethren on Christmas and wished them happiness.

MPA from MQM Ms. Mangla Sharma said Christmas is giving a message of love. It is good that the people from different religions and sects are participating in each others’ functions like Christmas and Diwali.

She said there are no problems in religions but, there are problems in followers of the religions. 

Earlier, Ms. Naghma from The Knowledge Forum welcomed the guests and said her organisation is working for spreading Interfaith Harmony in society. 

A large number of people from the community and the government’s Departments of Human Rights and Minorities Affairs attended the event. At the end of the function, a Christmas cake was cut jointly by all the participants.

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